Belles Beach House

The main reason is, the natural ambiance is so strong with the restaurant using natural finish sustainable wooden tables and rattan weave chairs. Adding the rattan lighting throughout the ceiling, bringing a coastal feel to the most.

Modern Balinese Style Young Villas

I have never seen any handsome guy as passionate as Michael Young of Young Villas when it comes about architecture and modern Balinese style vacation home. Michael has built multiple vacation homes for him to list on Airbnb. For most villa investors, it’s time to take a nap by the beach, drink your beer andContinue reading “Modern Balinese Style Young Villas”

Decorating Ideas How to Design a Luxe but LaidBack Space.

No Rush Villas is a creation of 2 Dutch artists who have been spending many holidays in Bali. The combination of creativity and knowing how the perfect Bali holiday should be led to the creation of this amazing place: No Rush Villas. The unique architecture and choice of the flamboyant interior make sure that yourContinue reading “Decorating Ideas How to Design a Luxe but LaidBack Space.”

How to Design Wabi Sabi with Yana Prydalna

I’ve been loving wabi sabi style for the past five years, however as this future home is going to be my show room in the future, I will also have to cater my clients who may use my lighting design into their aesthetic. Thus, trying to fit the rendering into broader look, such as farmhouse style, coastal, mediterranean, Hamptons, Scandinavian, Nordic, japandi, rustic, beach and more.