Top biophilic designed cafe in Bali

This cafe has been my favourite ever, and always going back here every time I need some refreshed feeling. My friend and I can sit here for hours. And I told her I can sleep here haha… As a natural based home decor designer, I am urged to style with furnitures and decors that trulyContinue reading “Top biophilic designed cafe in Bali”

A laid back living interior design in an exotic island of Bali

What’s your coastal interior design style?

Every region has a different take on a coastal theme. California Coastal follows its West Coast stereotype of laid-back and casual: pillows without piping, slip-covered sofas, rough-hewn wood surfaces and lots of sisal elements. Rattan is now one of the most used in furnitures, home decors and lightings. We design here a beautiful large JuliaContinue reading “What’s your coastal interior design style?”

Beautiful Gray Home

Rattan pendant lights truly gives us the natural and eco friendly experience at home, however gray home brings calmness in soul. So, mixing the two won’t hurt instead, it lifts up the quiet spirit out of us, that fades away the typical human restlessness in us. Get this lights to your interior design this summer.Continue reading “Beautiful Gray Home”

Why you need rattan pendant lights on your cafe design this summer.

Why you need rattan pendant lights on your cafe design this summer.