Santa Monica Proper with Kelly Wearstler

We love Kelly Wearstler, don’t we? A celebrity interior designer deserved our admiration for her marvellous talent every designer dream to have. From designing furnitures and home decors, Kelly is a guru! So, for the sake of enjoying her work with Santa Monica Proper Hotel, let’s just take a look at this beautifully designed rooms.Continue reading “Santa Monica Proper with Kelly Wearstler”

Patina: A Sanctuary in Maldives

Escape to the golden fringes of the island in the Maldives for mellow serenity. Or tune into marine wonder within the reaches of our lagoon. Each of the private villa sanctuaries is honed from nature‚Äôs materials and pure creativity to soothe your senses and soul. No man is an island entire of itself. How toContinue reading “Patina: A Sanctuary in Maldives”