Design An Outdoor Cafe The Way Nook Bali Did

Teak beams, boho decors and rattan bamboo lamp shade have become focal points in each seating space. Thatch roof was also part of its unique beauty with all the dried palm leafs as your photo background.

How to Design Bali Style Coffee Shop

With Covid19 measures are still enforced for dining out, making it more important to think of redesigning your cafe or coffee shop. An outdoor seating is a solution, to give customers some peace in bringing family and friends dining out. If you have some space around the front door, you may want to build aContinue reading “How to Design Bali Style Coffee Shop”

Outdoor Biophilic Cafe Design

Looking for ideas how to set up your cafe for covid19 safe environment?Here is some ideas on how to create a beautiful biophilic cafe interior design that allows people to dine outdoor.If you have some space in front of the building, set up some patio cafe with semi permanent wooden piles and woven roofing. ThatContinue reading “Outdoor Biophilic Cafe Design”